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Menander: Samia Alan Sommerstein

Menander: Samia

Alan Sommerstein

Published April 7th 2014
ISBN : 9780521514286
376 pages
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 About the Book 

For eight centuries after his death Menander was the third most popular poet in the Greek-speaking world, and his plays, through Roman imitations and adaptations, engendered a tradition of European light drama that extends to our own day. But it is only since 1844 that some of the actual texts of Menanders plays have been rediscovered, mostly in Egyptian papyri. Two of these have given us four-fifths of the script of Samia (The Woman from Samos), a play of deception and misunderstanding in which a marriage that everyone desires almost fails to happen, two women and a baby are almost ruined, and a loving father almost loses his only son, because the people at home and the people abroad have both been doing things behind each others backs but somehow everything ends happily after all. This is the first full-scale edition with English commentary and is suitable for upper-level students.